Leader in Me

What a Leader in Me School DO?

The Framework provides a unique approach to integrating highly effective practices throughout a school’s culture. Instead of focusing on academic measures alone, Leader in Me embodies a holistic approach to education, redefining how schools measure success. This approach empowers educators with effective practices and tools to: teach LEADERSHIP to every student, create a CULTURE of student empowerment, and align systems to drive results in ACADEMICS


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Educating the Whole Child

Establish a “whole-child” mindset with a belief that all students have genius and everyone can be a leader.Leader in Me provides elementary schools with a model and process that addresses common challenges that are unique to students during these formative years. Parents, educators, and school administrators are concerned with their child’s physical, mental, social, and economic well-being, all of which are factors that can contribute to or hinder academic success. Teachers, staff, and administrators at Leader in Me Schools are empowered to provide support in all of these areas by creating a learning environment that addresses whole-child education with five (5) Core Paradigms. These paradigms influence the behavior of staff, students, and their families.5 Core Paradigms

Student Development

Students find their voice in the classroom and through leadership roles by learning and applying life-ready leadership skills. Children at Leader in Me Schools thrive in a nurturing environment when they feel safe, confident, and supported by teachers and other staff members. By recognizing each child as a leader with unique gifts and talents to share, all aspects of their education begin to flourish. This social and emotional learning process equips students with essential 21-century skills to build meaningful relationships and take ownership of their education.  


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