October Newsletter

Dear P.S 59 Families,                                                                                                        

Welcome back to our first full month of in person learning. I realize for many of you this been a nervous transition, but we continue to prioritize everyone's health and safety and will continue to do so. With that in mind Students are tested weekly by the NYC " Test and Trace" teams. Please continue to send in your Covid Testing Consent Forms.  We will continue to maintain safe distancing, where possible, wear mask and follow any other health guidelines set forth by the City. This will keep us all healthy and safe as well as keep our school open and our children learning. 

Families, please schedule a time to talk to your child's teacher, whether on zoom or on the phone. It is very important that you learn early in the school year how you can best support your child's learning at home. Our teachers are working hard getting to know all their students and planning on how best to educate them . Having a strong home/ school connection can not be overstated. 

Keeping that in mind, please ensure that your child comes to school everyday and on time. Attendance truly matters, it can make the difference between your child graduating on grade level, or not. If you need support with this, please reach out to Ms. Lugo 718 584-4730 ext. 3051 or Ms. Ramirez 718-584-4730 1022 both are members of our Attendance Team.   

 Once again thank you for the many smiling faces we see every morning. It has been a joy to have our children back in person.

Sita Basu 


Student & Family Resources

Attendance Support

Good attendance keeps students on track to move up in school. Being in school can make sure kids are reading at grade level and keeping up with their schoolwork. Learn how this helps kids succeed.

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US Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Do you know someone who has been impacted by breast cancer? Nearly every one of us kids knows someone who has. A mother, aunt, grandmother, or friend.

What can kids do to help battle this disease? When we come together and all raise money with our schools, sports teams, clubs, and organizations, we will make a difference. Real Kids Wear Pink is a challenge to all students- no matter the age- to wear pink on the annual Real Kids Wear Pink day to fight back against breast cancer. This year’s Real Kids Wear Pink Day is Friday, October 22, 2021. Kids can make a difference in the fight against cancer in our own community!

In 2021 our goal is to continue to grow the program within more schools and have even more kids joining us in celebrating the official Real Kids Wear Pink Day on October 22nd!I   

Self Care Corner

Tips for taking care of yourself: When you take time to care for yourself, can take care for your child better. Even a few minutes of “you time” (like taking deep breaths or listening to a song) can help you recharge so that you can be your best. Here are some tips for creating “you time”:

  • Listen to music as you’re doing chores around the house
  • Set an alarm to remind yourself to pause, take a deep breath, or use a calming meditation app
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep (when your little one lays down to rest, try to do the same!)
  • Take a ten-minute vacation, like soaking your hands in warm water as you’re bathing your child
  • Keep a favorite family photo with you to remind you of happy times in hard moments
  • Reach out to others when you’re feeling alone—you don’t have to handle these feelings on your own!

Committee For Hispanic Children and Families - After School Program 

Our After-school programs support our participants and our families in a variety of ways; always focusing in their social emotional growth and with cultural-informed activities, we are able to provide academic support in homework and assignments, as well Arts & Craft, Sports and Technology among others. We also work close with our community providing events, workshops, and opportunities to empower our families.

Afterschool will begin on October 4th 2021

The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families

Mauro Satalino Program Director Email: Msatalino@chcfinc.org

Nidia Carreño Administrative Assistant Email: Ncarreno@chcfinc.org  

Phone: 718-584-4730 x1013 | www.chcfinc.org


Leader in Me 

We are often asked how parents can support our school’s leadership initiative. Each time we are asked we give the same answer: “Use the 7 Habits language at home.” As the school year unfolds, the students are learning the language and meaning of the 7 Habits. By hearing the same language at home and at school, you send your child a message of what is important and that we are all on the same team—the team that wants to help your student succeed. When parents and schools support one another, the sky is the limit!

Below is a summary of each of the habits:

Habit 1: Be Proactive (I’m Responsible for Me)
 Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind (Have a Plan)
Habit 3: Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play)
Habit 4: Think Win-Win (Everyone Can Win)
Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood (Listen Before You Talk)
Habit 6: Synergize (Together Is Better)
Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw (Balance Feels Best)

In order to encourage the 7 Habits language at home, here are some questions you can ask your child:

How were you proactive today?
 What is your end in mind with this project/work/task?
 How do you plan to put first things first in this situation?
What would be a win-win for us?
 I want to hear what you think first and then I will share. How do you know when you are being listened to?
How can we work together on this?
How would you like to sharpen your saw today?



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About The Holidays

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we wear Halloween costumes, celebrate Thanksgiving in November, or choose valentines in February? These familiar traditions have fascinating and sometimes surprising origins. Get to know the history and significance behind these U.S. holidays (and more!) with this new collection of resources.

Hispanic Heritage Month

There are about 54 million Hispanics and Latinos in the United States. That's a lot of people to celebrate! Across the country, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated with festivals and community events recognizing the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos in the United States.

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Indigenous Peoples' Day 

Created by the United Nations in 1994, the holiday honors indigenous people and cultures around the world. While there is no single definition for indigenous, indigenous people maintain close ties to their ancestral land and traditions. 

Learn about the celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day in this quick video


Happy National Indigenous peoples day!



Halloween hasn't always been about candy and costumes. Take a look back at the historical traditions about spirits that are the basis for this holiday. You're in for a treat!

Learn the history of  Halloween in this quick video

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Día de los Muertos

With roots in ancient Mexico, Dia de los Muertos now combines multiple cultures in Mexico and the United States for celebration. This colorful three day event of costumes, food, and dance honors loved ones who have passed away.

Learn the history of Día de los Muertos in this quick video

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School Based Support

Need Help?

I need help with my classwork:

  • Email your teacher, we are willing to you help you during school hours

I have a problem or question about my DOE Device:

  • Call or Text Mr. Ramirez 973-963-7481

My family needs help finding resources such as food, public assistances and other NYC Fund & Services:

  • Visit Mr. R. Ramirez’s Classroom or Call or Text Ms. S. Gonzalez at 917-310-1134

I just need to talk to someone, because I am sad or overwhelmed:

  • Text Well to 65173 or Call NYC Well at 888-692-9355 or call or text the school guidance counselor, Ms. Lugo @ 201-690-7122 or the school social worker, Ms. Diaz @347-874-5686

I need help from our ENL Providers Ms. Montemoino or Ms. Matos:

Communicate with our Staff

Call the School or visit our school website for a full staff directory.

Social Emotional Support:

  • Text or Call Ms. Lugo @ 201-690-7122 or Ms. Diaz @ 347-874-5686

Resources such as food, public assistances and other NYC Fund & Services:

  • Visit Mr. R. Ramirez’s Classroom or Call or Text Ms. S. Gonzalez at 917-310-1134

Tech Support & Parent Questions:

  • Call or Text R. Ramirez at 973-963-7481

Need to contact the Parent Association President:

Need to speak to someone about afterschool: