April 2021 Newsletter

 Parent Workshop flyer  

Join Ms. Sonia Melendez and Esther Schwartz for a series of parent workshops on how to support your student educationally.

More information to follow

 Earth Day Flyer 2021  

The Earth Day Celebration is for school children in grades K-6 from every corner of New York State. The Senate’s goal is to encourage children to develop an awareness of the environment and its resources. Teaching children about the importance of recycling and waste reduction is critical as we face the environmental challenges of the 21st Century. For more information visit the NY State Senator Addabbo website.

April Deadlines: 3k and Pre-k Applications 

Set up your MySchools account! With MySchools, you can explore your child's school options, apply, and get offer information—all in one place. 

  • Missed the middle school application deadline? Contact your child's current school counselor as soon as possible!
  • Missed the kindergarten application deadline? Add your child to programs' waitlists now.
  • Apply to Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs for children born in 2016 by April 9.
  • Apply to pre-K for children born in 2017 by April 7.
  • Apply to 3-K for children born in 2018 by April 30 .

Resources for Parents from PBS Kids 

 PBS KIDS Wash Hands LOGO 

PBS KIDS for Parents has put together resources to help families find their "new normal" for these challenging times. You'll find ideas on how kids can continue to learn at home through play and in everyday routines, different ways to offer comfort, and how to care for yourself, too. New school routines, social distancing, and working remotely or working less is a lot to navigate. It can be overwhelming but know that for your child, you are enough.


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Elementary Grades (Pre-K–5)

For a list of upcoming 2020–2021 test dates, view the calendar. For a complete list of tests, including tests with rolling dates, view the full list of city, state and national tests.

Read below for more information about the tests your child may be required to take depending on their grade level

Students in elementary grades take various NY State and local tests to support their instruction, to determine eligibility for certain programs, and to provide information on their progress toward mastering grade-level learning standards. The list below shows tests that student take in grades pre-k–5.

Food Pantry

The Salvation Army Tremont Corps

Red and White Shield, Salvation Army Logo

Nora Garcia 718-584-6250

2121 Washington Avenue Bronx NY 10457

Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Friday: 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday: closed

Learning Bridges

Learning Bridges is a new program that provides free child care options for children from 3-K through 8th grade on days when they are scheduled for remote learning.

How to Apply: If you are interested in the Learning Bridges program, please visit  Learning Bridges .Need help completing the online application? Call 311 for assistance.

Student COVID Test Step-By-Step

Student COVID Test Step-By-Step

We know we all want students to have the best possible experience with random COVID testing, and for as many families and educators to consent to testing. This video, produced by NYC DOHMH, is short, friendly, and demonstrates the process for kids. If they see the video ahead of time, it could help to ease their fears and make the testing process less scary.

Quick and Easy Tutorials

Need Help?

I need help with my classwork:

  • Email your teacher, we are willing to you help you during school hours

I have a problem or question about my DOE Device:

  • Call or Text Mr. Ramirez 973-963-7481

My family needs help finding resources such as food, public assistances and other NYC Fund & Services:

  • Visit Mr. R. Ramirez’s Classroom or Call or Text Ms. S. Gonzalez at 917-310-1134

I just need to talk to someone, because I am sad or overwhelmed:

  • Text Well to 65173 or Call NYC Well at 888-692-9355 or call or text the school guidance counselor, Ms. Lugo @ 201-690-7122 or the school social worker, Ms. Diaz @347-874-5686

I need help from our ENL Providers Ms. Monte or Ms. Matos:

Communicate with our Staff

Call the School or visit our school website for a full staff directory.

Social Emotional Support:

  • Text or Call Ms. Lugo @ 201-690-7122 or Ms. Diaz @ 347-874-5686

Resources such as food, public assistances and other NYC Fund & Services:

  • Visit Mr. R. Ramirez’s Classroom or Call or Text Ms. S. Gonzalez at 917-310-1134

Tech Support & Parent Questions:

  • Call or Text R. Ramirez at 973-963-7481

Need to contact the PA President:

Need to speak to someone about afterschool:

Movie Time

Online Games

 PBS Kids Games 

Enjoy fun online  games by PBS KIDS.

Online Games by Sesame Street

Sesame Street Online Games 

Visit Sesame Street for some fun activities.

Take a Break

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